Worsley Divers
British Sub Aqua Club
Is Diving Expensive?
You may be surprised to know that it is not as expensive as you might think to start scuba diving.  Of course there are initial start up costs as in any sport, but once "set up", petrol and cylinder air are the only costs of a local dive. (Cheaper than a League football game!).To give you a pretty good idea of the costs involved.

For a full member for 1st year Oceon diver trainee  it is £150 for the first year, paid in full in advance. Then £100 per year payable in quarterly instalments by Direct Debit . The first payment is due on submission of your Medical declaration form. You will also need to become a member of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).  The membership fee is £50 per annum.  Your annual BSAC membership includes various BSAC  literature, important diving insurance and a subscription to the monthly BSAC magazine "DIVE". Prior to starting your diver training you can attend the pool session for swimming only and join the meeting afterwards for a flat charge of £1.50 per night.  As a full member you do not need to pay any pool fees however there will be charges for any equipment hired. The main contact person for Branch membership is the Diving Officer Rick Hague and for BSAC membership our secretary Keith. You will also need a training workbook and your BSAC qualification logbook - approx.' £35

Learn To Dive 
The club has fully qualified BSAC Open Water Instructors,Advanced Instructors and Nitrox Instructors who, with the help of other experienced club members, will provide training in the pool and lecture room for the theoretical and practical aspects of recreational diving. The cost of the training is free although training material will have to be purchased from BSAC HQ at around £35.  The club has a large amount of basic equipment which is avilable to you through your training and is also available to hire at minimul cost once you are trained. During your  training you will progress to open
water, training, normally in one of several sheltered quarry sites.  Your total training and diving experiences will take you systematically through the BSAC grades of  Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver.It's not all work - best of all you will have FUN! The fun doesn't stop after the pool session, next stop an "apres-dive"  drink and a chat at our clubhouse (not compulsory but recommended)

Now Your Equipment 
Equipment costs are varied, the equipment needed and a guide to new and second hand costs are given later.  However, you should be budgeting from £800 to around £1,500 for a complete set of scuba equipment depending on whether you buy second hand or new, fortunately, this cost can be spread over a period of time so you can prepare a budget.The club does have a lgood stock of quantity equipment available for hire by new members for their training and is also available after you have qualified.

Diving equipment
We strongly recommend that you purchase your own set of mask fins and snorkel at the start of your training.  Before purchase speak to the Training Officer or other committee member for advice.

1.Have successfully passed your diving medical and submitted the "fit to dive" form to the Training Officer.
2.Have joined Worsley Sub Aqua Club and paid your 1st membership fee
3.If not already a member, you must join the British Sub Aqua Club and have paid your joining fee.

If you do not already have the required diving equipment for your training, then after joining the club as above and on payment of a returnable deposit you will be loaned a set of equipment for your pool club diver training period which will be subject to a weekly hire charge as below.:-

Weekly club owned equipment hire charges
Mask, fins and snorkel     No charge
Air cylinder, Buoyancy jacket , Regulator, Mask, fins and snorkel. £3.50 this covers any maintainence and service costs.