Worsley Divers
British Sub Aqua Club
log a dive
First of all may I say thank you for taking the time to complete your dive log. Use the drop down menus and fill in all fields to complete your dive log. Once again thank you for your time.
Dive management

The Dive Manager should be appropriately qualified or have an assistant who is qualified for the dive(s) to be undertaken.
The Dive Manager must know and document:-
Divers’ names and pairing
Divers’ cylinder size and contents
Divers’ planned decompression schedule
Divers’ planned decompression technique
Divers’ back up plan in case of an emergency
Dive start and finish times
The Dive Manager should complete a full dive log.
Additionally for mixed gas diving the Dive Manager must know and document:-
Divers’ gas mixes for bottom, travel and decompression
Divers’ maximum operating depth (MOD)
Divers’ cylinder sizes and contents for all gases
Rebreather divers’ absorbent material life and primary set-points
The dive was completed to BSAC Guidelines