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Hi all this is our section of the web site that has been designed to assist members in keeping in touch with the club on-line and enabling us to communicate. To the left is the navigation menu for the members section and below is a brief description on each area and what the area is for:-

DO's homepage This is as it says our diving officers homepage where you can keep in touch with the diving officer on-line, request information and advice. Also you read all DO related issues within the club.

TO's homepage. This section is similar to the DO's section in that you can keep in touch with the training officer and also the latest training issues

log a dive. Hey presto! once you've found a buddy and had a great dive you can log you dive on-line which is sent straight to the diving officer.

request training. Is a great way to ask for training to every instructor in the club in one hit. It also acts as a record for your request for training. You shall recieve an email back within a week with an action plan to execute your training and a time scale for completion.

commitee matters. All burning issues from commitee meetining shall be posted also all commitee minutes shall be posted. If the commitee require a vote from members or require a decision then this shall be conducted on line via an electroni vote.

club boat. Where is it? where has it been. Keep up to the latest issues with your club boat.

members email list. Request to join or be removed or just have your details changed. Instructions on how to use the email list and the address its self can be requested from here
Many members in the club find it difficult to attend regular on a Wednesday and find it difficult to keep in touch with the clubs diary. Well the answer is here. Join Worsleys mailing list email Gary and enter join members list in subject in the email please include your name and a contact number for verification please ensure your contact number is the same as the club holds for verification. Your email shall then be listed. This will enable us to keep you informed of any forth coming trips and events. You can also use the facility to also e-mail everyone else on the mailing list. Details shall be sent via email.
Worsley Divers
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